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Greetings. The following web site will take you through the creative process of how Fresh Fish are born.


Welcome to Bob's Fresh Fish web site. This site was created by the high demand of folks asking "Do you have a web site?"

You will be amazed to see all the fish art Bob has created on the gallery page. Sit back and enjoy.


In the Beginning

Hurricane Fran's devastation left me with huge stacks of wood from downed trees. Thinking I would use this wood some how, some way I stacked the huge slabs in my woodwork shop.


The idea of carving fish came to me after seeing a whimsical fish design while visiting New Orleans. The first fish was born. It is the only fish that is unpainted, natural wood. Made from pecan, the wood has so much character it didn't need paint.








Adding color to the fish started after a trip to the British Virgin Islands. The intensity of color of a fresh caught fish is amazing and has driven how I color my fish.

All fish are sculpted from a solid slab of wood. Poplar or tupelo works the best. Fins are made from spruce. Paint is a combination of acrylics and faux paints. These paints are applied like finger painting. Blending and smoothing around until it's like I want it. A brush is used on the fins, as my fingers are too big to get in some places. It's a mess but it's fun.

Scales made from drink cans evolved during a flash one sleepless night while floating around in my sub conscious. The scales really give them a new dimension and color palette with endless geometric patterning.

Scales , on some fish, are cut from soda cans. They are shaped, and then applied (push nailed) to the fish. I recycle 25 to 40 soda cans, making 450 to 700 scales per fish. My soda can color palette is constantly changing due to the discontinuing and introduction of can designs.



Total time invested ranges from 8 hours on "just painted" models and up to 20 hours or more for compelling designs with scales. They are then finished with a couple of coats of polyurethane to give it that "wet look"; also it pulls the color brilliance up.

  Prices for purchasing fish vary depending on order. If you have a photo of a fish and/or a request for a custom fish, Bob would be willing to work with you.

Contact Information

You can contact Bob by emailing him at the general information address below or you can call   1-919-776-1086.

If you would like to see a samples of fish please call for an appointment.

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1215 Cool Springs Road/Sanford/NC27330
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